A paragraph about Benjamin Franklin


The early life of Benjamin Franklin is not an easy way to perfect his personality, because he got several of pressures from his family and government, which was make he had an Independent and strong mind. Franklin’s father let him to help the business of his brother even he never want to do that. He did not have ability to conflict with his father, and he was degraded to be an apprentice by his brother when he was very young. He was Independent because he did personal tutor to improve his reading and writing until he can manage some paper to makes government embarrassing. He did not scare anything, because he got a strong mind to do what he wants to do. It made his brother and other people thought he is a harmful factor and very impertinent. But he was never mind, he just took his way to leave Boston and did his own business. In fact, he is a independent person who has own opinion without others or his benefits.


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